Advancing Justice: Keist Thurston O’Brien P.C. at the Forefront of Personal Injury Law

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A Commitment to Excellence and Education.

At Keist Thurston O’Brien P.C., our dedication to providing unparalleled legal services is matched only by our commitment to continuous learning and improvement. In this spirit, attorneys Joel Thurston, Jeremy Goad, and James Buesing recently represented our firm at the Advanced Personal Injury Conference in Sedona, Arizona. This conference, renowned for its comprehensive exploration of contemporary issues in personal injury law, offered a unique platform for our team to deepen their skill and enhance their practice. Below, we share some of the critical insights and developments from this enriching experience.

Navigating Complexities in Personal Injury Law.

The conference covered a broad spectrum of topics, each addressing key challenges and advancements in personal injury law:

  • Defense Strategies in Rear End Car Accidents & Punitive Damages: Our attorneys gained advanced strategies for defending rear-end collision cases, emphasizing the assessment and mitigation of punitive damages, a crucial aspect in driving favorable outcomes for our clients.
  • Ways to Improve the Mediation Process: Insights into improving mediation processes were shared, highlighting innovative techniques to facilitate resolution and ensure fair settlements for those we represent.
  • Electronic Evidence & the Civil Rules: The evolving role of electronic evidence in today’s legal landscape was a focal point. Our team explored the latest in civil rules regarding digital data, enhancing our capability to leverage technology in building compelling cases for our clients.
  • Adult Protective Services Act Update: With an update on the Adult Protective Services Act, our attorneys are better equipped to protect the rights and well-being of vulnerable adults, reflecting our firm’s dedication to justice for every community member.
  • Medical Malpractice Update: The conference provided a crucial update on medical malpractice law, offering new perspectives and defense strategies that will further our efforts in representing victims of medical negligence with even greater efficacy.
  • Training for Killer Voir Dire: Mastery in voir dire is essential for courtroom success. Our attorneys participated in advanced training, honing their skills in jury selection to ensure the most favorable outcomes for our clients.
  • Rule 37 Sanctions for Spoliation & Discovery Abuse: Understanding the intricacies of Rule 37 sanctions allows our firm to adeptly navigate the challenges of spoliation and discovery abuse, safeguarding our clients’ interests.
  • Legal Malpractice & Bar Regulation: Discussions on legal malpractice and bar regulation have equipped our team with the knowledge to uphold the highest ethical standards, furthering our commitment to integrity and excellence in practice.
  • Update on Dram Shop after Torres: The conference offered an update on Dram Shop laws post-Torres, providing our attorneys with the latest legal insights to effectively manage cases involving alcohol-related incidents and the liability that a serving venue may have when they do not serve patrons responsibly.
  • Discovery and Disclosure: Finally, a thorough examination of discovery and disclosure practices has empowered our attorneys with strategies to ensure transparency and efficiency, crucial for the success of our cases.

Moving Forward with Enhanced Experience.

The Advanced Personal Injury Conference in Sedona was not merely a learning opportunity—it was a reaffirmation of Keist Thurston O’Brien P.C.’s dedication to staying at the cutting edge of personal injury law. Armed with new knowledge and strategies, attorneys Joel Thurston, Jeremy Goad, and James Buesing are more prepared than ever to tackle the complexities of personal injury cases, ensuring that our clients receive the justice and compensation they deserve. With nearly 150 years of combined attorney experience and hundreds of trials across local, state, and federal courts, Keist Thurston O’Brien offers an invaluable breadth of knowledge to our clients.

As we integrate these invaluable insights into our practice, our firm remains steadfast in its mission to advocate for the injured and wronged with unmatched skill and compassion. The focus on our individual clients is central to our firm’s ethos, ensuring personalized service that recognizes the unique needs and circumstances of each case. This client-centered approach, coupled with our extensive experience, positions Keist Thurston O’Brien P.C. as a leader in personal injury law, driving forward with a commitment to justice, excellence, and the well-being of those we serve.

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