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Whether it’s in family court or in the Juvenile Court system, KTO Law Firm will assist you in getting the legal services you need to handle your teenager’s legal situation. We work with families to resolve adoptions, guardianships, and requirements to end the need for child protective services. We will work you and your youth to resolve legal issues, ranging from misdemeanors to felonies, calling our extensive knowledge of juvenile, family, and criminal law.

If your child is faced with legal action, contact KTO Law to get the assistance you need to resolve the problem. In Juvenile Court, the goal is rehabilitation rather than incarceration and typically is for children younger than 18.

At KTO Law, we understand that young adults can be impulsive and use poor judgment because they are not yet mature. One mistake should not determine the course of the rest of a young person’s life. Our team will fight to keep your child’s case within the Juvenile Court system to ensure the best possible outcome.

Juvenile Law Services Include

KTO Law Firm defends and assists juveniles and their families against a broad range of misdemeanor and felony offenses including:

  • Underage drinking or minor possession of alcohol
  • Drug crimes, including possession, sales, possession near a school or bus, distribution, and other trafficking offenses
  • Theft, burglary, armed robbery, shoplifting

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