We could create an ad with a picture of a KTO attorney holding a sledgehammer and chanting an unforgettable tagline about crushing our opponents.  But we all know such advertising ploys are often not based upon reality.  At KTO we believe being real is important.  Real honest.  Real empathetic.  Real tough.  On Father’s Day several weeks ago, I ran a 50k (31 miles) ultramarathon trail race in the Estrella Mountains with my son (Joel II), some friends and another KTO attorney, James Buesing.  Although I was not in the lead for much of the race, I took first place and set a new course record*.  Several runners went out more aggressively and much faster than we did. They didn’t win.  At KTO, we take the same competitiveness and strategy to our client’s cases.  Being strong does not equal being mean and aggressive straight out of the gate, like a raging uncontrollable bull.  Conversely, being caring and empathetic does not mean being weak and unwilling to work hard and advocate zealously.  At KTO, we strive to cultivate soft hearts, while maintaining tough feet ready to go the distance for you. Without fanfare and spotlights we recover millions of dollars in assets and cash for our clients every year.  

We are currently taking new cases in the areas of business, domestic relations, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs), personal injury, and probate.  If you or your family have a legal issue, and you want representation with a soft heart and strong feet, call us to schedule a consultation at (623) 937-8888.  

*special thanks to my friend and pacer, Cole Fahrenbruch. Without him in the second half, no record would have been set on that humid 95 degree night.

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