One Reason You Should Consider KTO Law Firm for Your Personal Injury Case

by Apr 5, 2022Accident and Person Injury Law, Civil Litigation0 comments

There are many false assumptions about personal injury cases.  Today I’ll just mention one.  Some people believe they can handle their own case and save themselves the substantial money that an attorney will charge.  While this is a fair consideration, let me give you at least one reason and example as to why that is rarely, if ever, the best option.  Recently, a potential client approached our firm questioning why they should hire us since the insurance company already agreed to give them the policy limits of $100,000.00.  KTO attorney, Jeremy Goad, informed them that one reason they should consider hiring him as counsel is that he may be able to identify additional coverage.  Thankfully, they agreed.  Mr. Goad investigated.  He searched.  He sued.  He strategized.  So far, he has collected $1,490,000.00 for our clients, and Mr. Goad isn’t finished.  We have obtained nearly fifteen times more for our clients than what they were about to take in order to save money by not hiring counsel.  As a retired Lieutenant for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, KTO Attorney Jeremy Goad is well acquainted with all types of serious injury cases and investigations.  He is currently taking new cases.  If you or your family or friend has an injury case, call us for a free personal injury consultation at (623) 937-8888. 

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