Substance Abuse and Mental Health

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I read an article this morning about an Oregon woman, Cathy Boone, who died in a homeless shelter while having nearly a million dollars in unclaimed inheritance money sitting in a bank.  The tragic story reminded me of the complicated interaction of mental health issues and substance abuse, and the obvious reminder that money isn’t the answer.  The story reminded me of the power of addiction.  Perhaps Cathy knew about the money.  Perhaps she knew that she would only make her dealers richer if she accessed the funds.  Perhaps she knew the money would only lead her to an overdose.  Perhaps the funds could have been used to get her the treatment she needed.  Perhaps she didn’t want help.  Would you join me in saying a prayer today for someone you love who struggles with mental health and/or substance abuse issues.  Pray that they would desire help.  Pray that they would find the best resources to get the help they need.  Pray that they will stay the course to find stable mental health and sobriety.  Then, please reply with the best resource you know about in your city to help a person struggling with these issues.  I have seen people get the help they need to be victorious at Phoenix Rescue MissionTeen ChallengeSalvation Army, and Paradise Keys. Where have you seen people find help?

You can read the article here.    

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