SBA Disaster Relief Loan/Grant

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As many of you have heard, the Small Business Administration has made billions of dollars of funds available to small businesses in the form of low interest loans which can convert to grants if the money is used for specific purposes.    We at Keist Thurston O’Brien are available to help you determine which loans/grants are available for you, and help you complete the requisite government forms. 

There are programs to help small businesses maintain payroll, programs to help with rental payments, even help with mortgage payments.  The best part of these programs is that if the small business continues paying its employees, continues to make rental or mortgage payments, most of these loans are forgiven without any negative repercussions.  

The SBA has streamlined the application process making loans available usually fast.  There are no personal guarantees, and the interest cannot be higher than 4%.  

In the past SBA loans were not fully available to sole proprietors or companies without employees.  The new emergency loans can help all businesses including real estate agents, nail technicians, UBER drivers, etc. 

If you would like to talk to us about these loans and other relief available for you or your small business, please contact us to schedule a telephonic consultation.  We will be happy to discuss navigating the new waters and helping your business not only survive but prosper in and through the current challenges.  

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