Arizona is One of The Most Affordable States for Elder Care

by Feb 14, 2019Elder Law0 comments

I was in Chicago last weekend celebrating sixteen years of marriage with my beautiful wife.  We love chi-town.  It’s our favorite city.  But it was 5 degrees one of the days and didn’t get above freezing for the duration of our stay.  That’s what we expected in February in Chicago.  We would have been disappointed if it was warm, and we are still thawing as a result.  Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about such polar temperatures in Arizona, at least not on a regular basis for most of the state.  In addition to the extreme cold, the cost of living in Chicago is also high. Nick DiUlio, writer from, recently reminded me how affordable it is to live in Arizona, especially for the elderly and the costs of senior care. See Nick DiUlio, The 10 Cheapest States for Your Aging Parents in 2018,, December 14, 2018.  Using 11 different factors important in caring for aging people, Mr. DiUlio placed Arizona on the top 10 most affordable states to care for your aging parents.  If you’re looking for a warm, sunny and inexpensive place to care for your aging parents or your aging self, consider Arizona.  If you live in Arizona already, and you find yourself aging (unless you’re in denial, you realize you are) consider yourself fortunate.

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