KTO Adoptions-Something to Smile About

by Jun 23, 2018Adoption Law, Family Law, Juvenile0 comments

At KTO Law Firm, we love to assist our clients with living out their faith.  The book of James chapter one and verse twenty-seven (1:27) in the New Testament says true and pure religion that is acceptable to God is caring for orphans. True religion is not going to church every week.  It’s not praying eloquently.  It’s not staying away from sinners.  It’s not having canned theological responses for all of life’s hardships.  God honoring faith is making a difference for the poor, widow and orphan.  Last month I had the privilege of assisting two families with their adoptions of two precious children.  Gary and Tiffany Brawley and Kevin and Alexis Barry adopted children who were in the custody of the state.  Hearing the judge dismiss their dependency cases and order that these children now belong to a family is a heavenly sound and picture of God’s love toward all of His children.  Thank you Brawleys and Barrys for allowing our firm to be part of growing your families and living out your exemplary faith!  Congratulations!  We join God in smiling with you.

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