Getting Contracts and Other Legal Documents Right Versus Getting Them Easily and Cheaply Through Online Legal Services

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Most successful business owners and entrepreneurs I know are frugal in addition to being driven and self-motivated. However, when it comes to online legal services and business contracts, my experience indicates the practice is penny wise but dollar foolish.  The risks outweigh the benefits, and the costs are likely greater in the long run. Why?  Two reasons: 1) online legal services assist with the production of a generic document without due consideration for the particulars of your business and interests.  I find it easier to start from scratch than to “tweak” the documents provided from online legal services.  Modifying existing legal documents frequently actually creates more work than assisting a business owner in drafting and executing a contract correctly from the beginning; and 2) getting it right the first time is always better than renegotiating executed contracts or worse, litigating them.  Let us help you get it right as oppose to trying to fix what you got wrong easily and cheaply through online legal services.


See Chelan David, The Deficiencies of Online Legal Services, Smart Business, May 24, 2018.

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