The U of A and Your Business

by Feb 28, 2018Business Law, Civil Litigation, Estate Planning0 comments

With recent scandals in our own backyard, rocking both the football and basketball programs at the University of Arizona, it is an appropriate time to examine the policies and procedures that you have in place as a business owner.

Have you even bothered to create an employee handbook? Maybe you have one, but it was borrowed from some guy in 1982 and is collecting dust somewhere. How careful have you been in your hiring practices in recent years? How much involvement and oversight does your HR department have (if you even have one)? Are you complying with all of the most recent regulations implemented for business owners? If, God forbid, a catastrophic accident happened at your business, are your personal assets at risk in the event of a lawsuit?

If you don’t have satisfactory answers to one or more of those questions, now is the time to make sure that your business isn’t the next news headline. There are some important measures you can put in place to protect your business, your employees, and yourself. To set up a comprehensive review of your business and for recommendations moving forward, contact our team of attorneys at Keist Thurston O’Brien.

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