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Over 40 years of law practice, I have come to the conclusion that the legal system does not do a good job of resolving disputes between family members, especially those between husbands and wives.  Over the last few years a new process called Collaborative Law has become increasingly popular as a way to resolve marital disputes.  Collaborative Law provides a system whereby the husband and wife enter into an agreement with attorneys and other professionals to resolve their marital split outside of the court system.  The process requires the husband and wife and the attorneys to all agree that they will not go to court in a contested divorce should an agreement not be able to be reached.  In other words, there is great incentive to reach an agreement as the lawyers will not be able to represent either party in a contested court battle.  I have found the collaborative process to be the best possible way to amicably resolve a divorce.  It is less costly than a contested divorce proceeding and much less contentious.

By: Steven D. Keist, Esq.,

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