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There are thousands of attorneys in Arizona and hundreds of thousands around the U.S.  Bloggers exist in similar abundance.  Why should you read our blog?  Why should you care about our legal perspective?  The first and greatest reason is our most notable distinction.  We are a Christ-centered law firm.  We seek above all else to operate a God honoring business and provide Godward legal advice and counsel.  As a pastor provides you godly wisdom for your relationships, marriage, family and life in general, we seek to do the same for our clients in regard to their legal matters.  Second, our firm has decided to begin blogging weekly to provide practical legal help to the community.  In the coming weeks, we will write about areas of the law that impact your world.  We won’t waste your time.  Thank you for the honor of serving you in this small way as Christian attorneys.  We trust you’ll find the idea is not an oxymoron after all!



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